5 Ways to Unleash your hidden Potentials

Abiodun Timileyin
2 min readNov 19, 2020


If you want to find out what you can really do by revealing your hidden powers, a few useful and practical steps will help you. In this way, you can easily reach your potential by analyzing its features better.

Self-confidence and positive thinking are among the very important elements in the preparation phase. When you activate the energy that will guide your career life by mentally relaxing, you can be productive by achieving the performance you want.

1. Discover your talents and interests.

Be aware that each person has unique abilities and different interests, and write down their characteristics and positive aspects of your ability and interest. You can make a preliminary preparation with short research about the sectors you are interested in and think you would enjoy working with. Begin your career journey by determining the position you want to be in in the future.

2. Set goals for yourself take action.

If you set yourself easily achievable goals in the first place, your self-confidence will increase as you gain small successes. Choose realistic goals in line with your expectations. For your goals such as financial gain, experience, and status, you need to take action without delaying your decisions.

3. Focus on your job, believing that you will be successful.

While working, you should focus on your work, knowing the importance of phenomena such as creativity, change, and innovation. You will achieve success in a short time by thinking positively and believing in yourself in line with the education you have received and the skills you have. The important thing is not always to be successful, but to continue on the road by counting failure as experience gain.

4. Get perspectives that increase motivation.

When faced with business challenges, try taking a holistic view of things. By thinking positively, you can reveal your inner motives and energy and be more efficient. Knowing the happiness and gains of being successful will motivate you to work.

5. Use your criticism to contribute to your development.

People constantly give you feedback by making positive or negative reviews. Perceive other people’s thoughts about your work personally. Use negative criticism for your improvement by taking an objective approach and turn them into opportunities.



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