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The story takes place at the time of the judges. A period which would go from 1400 to 1050 before Jesus Christ. Israel, after leaving Egypt and forty years in the desert, had conquered the land promised by God to the fathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. It was a period of spiritual decline: Israel had forgotten the Lord and his promises. The latter often brought about the suffering translated by the domination of the surrounding peoples and natural disasters to bring the hearts of his people back to him. It was around this time that Israel experienced a drought, which led Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and their two children Mahlon and Kiljon to settle in the land of Moab. Elimelech died and his two children took Moabite wives: Orpah and Ruth. Mahlon and Chilion both also died.

A pagan woman who received the God of Israel

Ruth’s confession, mentioned above, in several ways makes it clear that she gave her life to God. On the one hand, she chose to renounce the Moabite gods to attach herself to the Eternal and make him her God: “ Your God will be my God “ Ru 1:16.

A woman working for the good of her family

A woman of whom we have a good testimony

What is astonishing throughout the book of Ruth is the testimony that is given to this woman: her attachment to God, her loyalty to her family, her diligence at work, and her humility. These are obvious qualities that strike in this woman of pagan background. Ruth is the example of true conversion: a life transformed by knowing God. This aspect of Ruth’s life at this time should challenges our daily witness.

Ruth, the image of God’s redemptive plan

The story of Ruth resembles that of several characters in the Bible: Abraham, Rahab, etc. For example, Abraham, whom God called among the pagan nations to serve him. It is also a picture of Christ’s redemptive plan for the whole world.

A humble and obedient woman

The Mosaic law permitted gleaning, which incidentally was intended for those in need: widows, orphans, and strangers (Deut 24:19).

A woman who knows how to talk

What also marks in the book of Ruth are also her words. She is a woman of pious words who knows how to speak to the hearts of her fellow men.

Ruth, the embodiment of the perfect woman described in Proverbs 31

If Proverbs 31 describes the virtuous woman, Ruth is the personification. There are similarities between the character of Ruth and the qualities of the virtuous woman. We can note:

Ruth the embodiment of the true widow described by Paul in 1 Timothy 5: 3–16

The apostle Paul in his first epistle to Timothy describes the true widow. There are also similarities between the characteristics stated by Paul and the character of Ruth. We can cite:



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