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8 aspects of Ruth’s life that will surely inspire you irrespective of your gender. If you have read the book of Ruth before, you will have been touched by this woman’s attachment to God and her mother-in-law. Besides, the meaning of her name, friendship, says a lot about her character.


The story takes place at the time of the judges. A period which would go from 1400 to 1050 before Jesus Christ. Israel, after leaving Egypt and forty years in the desert, had conquered the land promised by God to the fathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. It was a period of spiritual decline: Israel had forgotten the Lord and his promises. The latter often brought about the suffering translated by the domination of the surrounding peoples and natural disasters to bring the hearts of his people back to him. It was around this time that Israel experienced a drought, which led Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and their two children Mahlon and Kiljon to settle in the land of Moab. Elimelech died and his two children took Moabite wives: Orpah and Ruth. Mahlon and Chilion both also died.

Naomi had heard that God had intervened on behalf of Israel decided to return to the fold. She began her journey accompanied by these beautiful daughters Orpah and Ruth. Despite her insistence on returning home and resuming a new life, Ruth refused to leave her and followed her to their hometown. She professed one of the greatest determinations of the Old Testament: “Don’t urge me to go back away from you!” Where you will go I will go, where you will stay, I will stay; your people will be my people, and your God will be my God; where you die, I will die and be buried there. May the Lord treat me with all his severity, if anything other than death separates me from you!” Ru 1: 16–17.

They arrived in their towns at harvest time. To feed the family, Ruth went to the fields to collect the sheaves that fell behind the reapers.

She went into the field of a close relative named Boaz, a famous and respected man who had redemption rights over her, to glean and gather ears of corn. Following Naomi’s advice, she proposed marriage to Boaz under the levirate.

Indeed, the levirate was a law in Israel that allowed a man to create offspring to a dead man relative without leaving a child by marrying the widow (Deut 25: 5–7). Boaz agreed after a next of kin refused to marry Ruth. From this union was born Obed the grandfather of David.

A pagan woman who received the God of Israel

Ruth’s confession, mentioned above, in several ways makes it clear that she gave her life to God. On the one hand, she chose to renounce the Moabite gods to attach herself to the Eternal and make him her God: “ Your God will be my God “ Ru 1:16.

On the other hand, she made her vow of devotion to the name of the Lord, the God of Israel. His attachment to God will also be highlighted later by Boaz who recognizes that Ruth came to take shelter under the wing of the Lord, the God of Israel (Ru 2:13) renouncing the Moabite deities. She understood this injunction of Moses to the people of Israel “ Listen, Israel! The Lord our God is the only Lord. Deut 6: 4 “.

A woman working for the good of her family

Ruth is a hard-working woman. She volunteers (Ru 2: 2) to go glean in a field. She is a devoted woman to her family. She chose the difficult path, but the noblest. She worked diligently, picking up sheaves from morning to night and only stopping to rest and eat. Through this work, she had more than enough to feed Naomi. This diligence at work is also recognized by the reapers (Ru 2: 7).

A woman of whom we have a good testimony

What is astonishing throughout the book of Ruth is the testimony that is given to this woman: her attachment to God, her loyalty to her family, her diligence at work, and her humility. These are obvious qualities that strike in this woman of pagan background. Ruth is the example of true conversion: a life transformed by knowing God. This aspect of Ruth’s life at this time should challenges our daily witness.

Ruth, the image of God’s redemptive plan

The story of Ruth resembles that of several characters in the Bible: Abraham, Rahab, etc. For example, Abraham, whom God called among the pagan nations to serve him. It is also a picture of Christ’s redemptive plan for the whole world.

Indeed, Christ redeems the church by the price of his sacrifice, through which we become adopted children and heirs of the kingdom of God. Ruth, a Moabite woman, initially excluded from the people of God, is redeemed by Boaz. She is now a member of God’s people and a beneficiary of the promises of the Mosaic covenant.

Ruth is in a way the image of the church and Boaz that of Christ. God also grants him the privilege of being counted in the seed of King David and that of Christ.

A humble and obedient woman

The Mosaic law permitted gleaning, which incidentally was intended for those in need: widows, orphans, and strangers (Deut 24:19).

However, Ruth asked for permission to glean in Boaz’s field, perhaps considering herself not entitled to it. In any case, this situation highlights the state of mind of this woman. This humility is also evident in his various exchanges with Boaz. She obeys the advice of her mother-in-law and Boaz.

A woman who knows how to talk

What also marks in the book of Ruth are also her words. She is a woman of pious words who knows how to speak to the hearts of her fellow men.

She dissuades her mother-in-law from forcing him to leave her by her words. Likewise, she shows her esteem for Boaz for the special attention she pays him. The words of this woman are imbued with gratitude for the benefits of which she is the beneficiary but also with determination and commitment.

Ruth, the embodiment of the perfect woman described in Proverbs 31

If Proverbs 31 describes the virtuous woman, Ruth is the personification. There are similarities between the character of Ruth and the qualities of the virtuous woman. We can note:

Ruth the embodiment of the true widow described by Paul in 1 Timothy 5: 3–16

The apostle Paul in his first epistle to Timothy describes the true widow. There are also similarities between the characteristics stated by Paul and the character of Ruth. We can cite:

The book of Ruth is filled with many lessons. First, it shows the testimony of a model woman who nevertheless has a pagan background. Ruth is an example of true conversion. Also, her life challenges us concerning our testimony as Christian.

Ruth’s life also highlights a set of principles necessary for marriage according to God’s will: fear of God, the right attitude to work, integrity, attachment to family values, love of neighbor.

Ruth and Boaz are the types of man and woman that we should be like because of their virtue. All of these things make Ruth an inspiring woman.

Is there any other lesson(s) that you have learned from the lifestyle of Ruth? Kindly share with others by using the comment section below.

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