8 STUNNING Tips on how to Get out of Bed Early and be Extraordinarily Productive

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How to Get out Bed Early and be Extraordinarily Productive

How to wake up early in the morning? I am sure that you too, at least once, have asked yourself this question, especially when there was a morning of study waiting for you.

Being an early riser is a habit that can be trained and assumed, putting into practice a series of tricks that will help you be successful in the business. In this guide you will see what benefits getting up early in the morning can offer and how to turn this aspect into a daily routine.

If you are ready, let’s start immediately with the tips to go beyond the sound of the alarm and get up with the right energy to face a morning of work or study.

Tips for getting up in the morning and being more productive

For most people, waking up early in the morning can be a difficult undertaking. How, then, to become an early riser without giving up a good rest? Here are the habits you need to know and practice to be successful.

Waking up early is good: here are the benefits:

A popular saying that “The first hour of the morning is the helm of the day,” still holds true even today and will continue to still be true.

If it is true that a good start is half the battle, taking care of your awakening to the fullest can really give excellent results from several points of view.

For many people, waking up early and not falling back asleep is really a difficult task. However, getting up early in the morning brings many benefits, which can be exploited to improve the quality of your life and even your work.

Here are the most important benefits to know:

  • Facilitates a good mood: according to a study published in 2012 on Emotion, the tendency to wake up early was linked to greater happiness, although this was only a correlation and not a direct cause;
  • Promotes Weight Loss: According to some research, early risers tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI). This factor appears to be related to exposure to sunlight from the early hours of the day;
  • Improves the quality of sleep: according to a study conducted recently, only 20% of people self-defined as “early risers” suffered from insomnia, while night owls reported disturbances in almost 40% of cases;
  • Reduces the chance of contracting diabetes: Research conducted on some middle-aged Koreans found that, compared to those who wake up early, those who sleep more are more likely to get metabolic syndrome.

In addition to waking up early, it is of fundamental importance to take care of the quality of sleep, which greatly affects our productivity and our quality of life.

1 — Set a Bedtime Based on 90-minute Sleep Cycles

Sleep generally works in 90-minute cycles; the goal to achieve, if you want to understand how to wake up early, is to wake up at the end of one.

Expert opinion has it that most people need to sleep for six or seven and a half hours a night; not eight, because you will be in the middle of a new cycle. So, if you know you work best with seven and a half hours of sleep and need to be awake at 6:30 am, go to bed by 11 pm.

2 — Move the Alarm Clock from the Bedside Table

If your problem is not being able to wake up, having an alarm clock right next to your bed or on your wrist may not be a good idea. The reason? Having your alarm clock close at hand predisposes you to postpone the moment you get up because you can easily silence the sound.

Forcing yourself out of bed physically can be a simple but effective trick. Move the alarm clock to a place you will be forced to reach when you get up.

3 — Look for the Sunlight

Sunlight helps to avoid that lightheaded feeling you get when you wake up in the morning. Make sure you have a light source close at hand and stand by the window for a few minutes.

4 — Drink Water

Drinking water in the morning is essential for rehydrating the body. You’ve probably gotten into the habit of having coffee as soon as you wake up, but you’re actually making a mistake: hydration helps you find that extra push to get out of the blankets.

For an extra boost, add some lemon juice to the water.

5 — Get in the Right Mood

If you want to learn how to wake up early, it is important to get in the right mood and awaken your mind as soon as you get up. Here are some ideas for being charged and alert all day:

· Listen to podcasts related to waking up early;

· Read testimonials from morning people;

· Mark your progress and get inspired on how and why to wake up early.

6 — Think about the Goal

If you’re really excited about your day, jumping out of bed can get a lot easier. Always think about what goals to achieve during the day. What we advise you to do is to take a pen and paper and write down the things to do during the day, creating a real program to be respectful to the letter.

Of course, the joy of creating and putting yourself to work can and should motivate you, but don’t be afraid to dedicate yourself to more frivolous moments in the morning, such as crosswords or short readings of pleasure.

Also, think about the benefits others will receive from your work. To boost your motivation and get yourself off the hook, you can track your progress and reward yourself when you reach a milestone.

7 — Prepare what you need in advance

Plan ahead for what you need to start the day on the right foot. The best morning routine starts the night before: make sure your business bag is full, your lunch is ready and you already have clothes to wear. In this way, you will avoid forgetting something and you will also have a few more minutes to dedicate to your relaxation.

8 — Take a shower

To wake up better and be immediately active and ready for the day, take a shower and relax. The goal is to start the day in a good mood and surely waking up early with a hot water jet helps you to better face what awaits you.

Investing in the quality of sleep is very important: I strongly advise you to take care of this aspect and not to neglect your rest, because your productivity and your concentration could be affected.



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