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3 min readNov 22, 2020


Money Magnet
Magnetizing Money Into your life rather than chasing it

No one buys Car because he wants to be fueling it, he only wants to go to different places with the fuel inside. Likewise, we should live life chasing money, we should rather attract money and make it to run after us so that we can make tremendous impacts on life. To turn to a walking money magnet, the following key points are the things that should characterize your life.

Commitment to Personal Development: Become the right personality through personal development rather than looking for what to do to be rich simply because you’re a human being (become) not Human does.

Learn About Money: Money is a 6 unit course in the university of life, to have or pass it, you must be fully committed to learning about money as a core course.

Do Hard Things: You must be ready to pay the price now so that you can be able to receive an awesome and amazing price tomorrow.

Learn High Income Skills: This is a jet of wealth creation, making you to get to your destination faster. Examples of such high-income skills include Copywriting, Graphics Design, Programming, etc. These are skills with a short learning curve yet they yield high income in return.

Be Competent: You must continuously learn, apply, and grow in your skill. This will make you be irresistible in the world-wide market where Money is exchanged for values.

Be Courageous: You must be ready to come out of your comfort zone and do things that are not convenient for you. Without this in place in your life, then you might have to be broke forever and ever.

Be Consistent: Instead of you to have short-time intensity, you should have a long time consistency. This will make it possible for you to develop good habits which is what always results in success.

Save before you Spend: Save about 30%-50% of your income before you spend a dime out of it. This will be a mighty Army that will help you to forcefully gain more ground financially.

Invest your Money: Your investment should be prioritized in this order:

  • Invest in yourself
  • Real Estate and Lands
  • Businesses, Stocks, Bonds, etc.

Ensure you do a thorough investigation before you invest in anything.

Associate with the right set of people: If your goal financially is to sour up very high like an Eagle, you must ensure that you do not hang around with ducks. Associate with millionaires and multi-millionaires, this will make you start having the mindset of a millionaire.

Leverage on the Working System: Just like you will rather use a wheelbarrow to carry 5 bags of Rice rather than for you to use your bare head, ensure you use the existing system (either paid or free) to make it possible for you to input minimum effort or energy to get maximum outcome. The summary of it all is that you should not start from scratch, you should rather use the information available to minimize mistakes.

Value People and Relationship: Do not look down on anybody, what you need is in the hand of People that God has sent into your life to be a channel of blessing. Let me shock you with this, you are just about 5 people (or fewer than that) away from your God-appointed destiny helper.

Be Prompt in taking Action: Stop analyzing your business plan/idea to the point of paralyzing it. The challenge here is that you should Get Started with the plan now and do not linger any longer.



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